Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 2006: Selected papers from the seventeenth CLIN meeting

Invited talk - Stephan Oepen : Invited talk: Efficient HPSG Realization for Precision Machine Translation
Chapter 1 - António Branco, Francisco Costa : Identification and handling of dialectal variation with a single grammar
Chapter 2 - Erhard Hinrichs, Thomas Zastrow : A Vector-based Approach to Dialectometry
Chapter 3 - Andreas Merkel, Dietrich Klakow : Comparing Improved Language Models for Sentence Retrieval in Question Answering
Chapter 4 - JensMoberg, Charlotte Gooskens, John Nerbonne, Nathan Vaillette : Conditional Entropy Measures Intelligibility among Related Languages
Chapter 5 - Ineke Schuurman : Which New York, which Monday? The role of background knowledge and intended audience in automatic disambiguation of spatiotemporal expressions
Chapter 6 - Marco René Spruit : Discovery of association rules between syntactic variables
Chapter 7 - Gerwert Stevens, Paola Monachesi, Antal van den Bosch : A pilot study for automatic semantic role labeling in a Dutch corpus
Chapter 8 - Daphne Theijssen, Suzan Verberne, Nelleke Oostdijk, Lou Boves : Evaluating deep syntactic parsing : Using TOSCA for the analysis of why-questions
Chapter 9 - Mariët Theune, Nanda Slabbers, Feikje Hielkema : The automatic generation of narratives
Chapter 10 - Jörg Tiedemann : Improved Sentence Alignment for Building a Parallel Subtitle Corpus : Building a Multilingual Parallel Subtitle Corpus
Chapter 11 - Erik Tjong Kim Sang, Katja Hofmann : Automatic Extraction of Dutch Hypernym-Hyponym Pairs
Chapter 12 - Tim van de Cruys, Begoña Villada Moirón : Lexico-Semantic Multiword Expression Extraction
Chapter 13 - Antal van den Bosch, Bertjan Busser, Sander Canisius, Walter Daelemans : An efficient memory-based morphosyntactic tagger and parser for Dutch
Chapter 14 - Laurens van der Werff, Willemijn Heeren, Roeland Ordelman, Franciska de Jong : Radio Oranje: Enhanced Access to a Historical Spoken Word Collection
Chapter 15 - Eline Westerhout, Paola Monachesi : Extraction of Dutch definitory contexts for eLearning purposes
List of Contributors
Complete text - Peter Dirix, Ineke Schuurman, Vincent Vandeghinste, Frank Van Eynde : Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 12 January 2007, Leuven : Proceedings of the 17th Meeting of Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN17)