Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 2004: Selected papers from the fifteenth CLIN meeting

Table of contents
Invited Speaker - Shalom Lappin : Machine Learning and the Cognitive Basis of Natural Language
Regular papers - Tamas Biró : When the Hothead Speaks. Simulated Annealing Optimality Theory for Dutch Fast Speech
Wauter Bosma : Query-Based Summarization using Rhetorical Structure Theory
Anne Hendrik Buist, Wessel Kraaij, Stephan Raaijmakers : Automatic Summarization of Meeting Data: A Feasibility Study
Christiano Chesi : Phases and Complexity in Phrase Structure Building
Tim Van de Cruys : Between VP Adjuncts and Second Pole in Dutch. A corpus based survey regarding the complements between VP adjuncts and second pole in Dutch
Frank Van Eynde : Argument Realization in Dutch
Nicole Grégoire : Accentuation of Adpositions and Particles in a Text-to-Speech System for Dutch
Lars Hellan, Dorothee Beermann, Jon Atle Gulla, Atle Prange : Trailfinder - A Case Study in Extracting Spatial Information Using Deep Language Processing
Veronique Hoste, Walter Daelemans : Learning Dutch Coreference Resolution
Kim Luyckx, Walter Daelemans : Shallow Text Analysis and Machine Learning for Authorship Attribtion
Jori Mur : Off-line Answer Extraction for Dutch QA
Lonneke van der Plas, Gosse Bouma : Syntactic Contexts for Finding Semantically Related Words
Michaela Poß, Ton van der Wouden : Extended Lexical Units in Dutch
Wojciech Skut : Preference-Driven Bimachine Compilation. An Application to TTS Text Normalisation
Alexandros Tantos : An Interface between Lexical and Discourse Semantics. The case of the light verb “have”
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