Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 2007: Selected papers from the eighteenth CLIN meeting

Table of contents
Chapter 1 - Crit Cremers, Hilke Reckman : Exploiting logical forms
Chapter 2 - Herman Stehouwer, Antal van den Bosch : Putting the t where it belongs
Chapter 3 - Lieve Macken, Walter Daelemans : Aligning linguistically motivated phrases
Chapter 4 - Daphne Theijssen, Hans van Halteren, Suzan Verberne, Lou Boves : Features for automatic discourse analysis of paragraphs
Chapter 5 - Erwin Marsi, Emiel Krahmer : Detecting semantic overlap
Chapter 6 - Michel Boedeltje, Arjan van Hessen : In response to your inquiry
Chapter 7 - Kris Heylen, Yves Peirsman, Dirk Geeraerts : Automatic Synonymy Extraction
Chapter 8 - Nelleke Oostdijk : Improving the lexical coverage of English compound adjectives
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